Author: Sarah M

Bella Center

The Bella Conference is quite a busy, noisy scene. Throughout last week you could observe all the buzz of policy wonks stepping in and out of presentations and press conferences, the negotiators attending plenary sessions and side meetings, and the conglomeration of voices chattering discussing delegation specific strategies. Yet amidst all the noise of the […]

From the Great Lakes State to the City of Lakes

There are certain topics on climate change adaptation in which we have likely read about or seen a presentation on, water scarcity, agricultural impacts, and associated gender issues, but have not yet really ever felt the effects of. In the US we understand these impacts to some extent, but are more generally unexposed to the […]

Activism is Transgenerational

Throughout college, I have been deeply engrossed within the youth movement, as an activist for climate justice. I have played a leadership role in helping to establish the Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition, organized a youth lobby day at the state capital, arranged the logistics for sending Michigan State University students to Powershift 2007, and assisted […]

Ensuring Accountability from Elected Leaders

Exactly two weeks from now, eleven of my fellow youth climate engaged friends and I will be traveling to Copenhagen for the 15th Conference of the Parties on Climate Change. Throughout the fall, our anticipation has been brewing as to what to expect of the negotiations. There has been uncertainty to if this year’s negotiations […]

Sarah Mullkoff, Michigan Delegate

School: Michigan State University, James Madison College (alumna) Area of Study: International Relations with a specialization environmental policy Sarah is currently working as the Michigan Campaigns Coordinator for Clean Water Action in Lansing. During her undergraduate program, Sarah played a leadership role in the Michigan Student Sustainability Coalition, served as a student assistant in the […]