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Climate change: The importance of making it personal

By Megan Van Loh and Jothsna Harris April 19, 2018 As it turns out, conversations about climate change aren’t about how well you can talk, but rather how well you can listen. In order to have a rich dialogue about this issue, we need to be willing to learn from each other. This is especially […]

New London-Spicer YCM Youth Convening

Stella, Allie, and Emily from New London-Spicer’s YES! team, in collaboration with our Youth Convening Minnesota project talk on Lakeland Broadcasting’s Q 102 station. Their Community Climate Convening on Saturday, April 21st, at the Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center will bring together community members to discuss local climate change impacts and solutions.

Column: Celebrating 50 years of Wild and Scenic River protections

By Angie Hong, Featured Columnist Apr 15, 2018 The year was 1965, early in the environmental movement, and murmurs of concern from citizen groups around the country were just beginning to translate into protective legislation. An early version of the Clean Air Act had just been passed, but the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would […]

Climate conversations

By Sarah Hansen April 11, 2018 Conservation, climate change and clean energy were issues in the spotlight this week at several events across Red Wing. Monday, April 2 In the midst of a light snow on April 2, which led to a larger snow and school closing the next day, over 30 people gathered at […]

Back to Nature in Spicer MN

By Monica March 23, 2018 On Wednesday, March 21st, 2018, 17 students and their coaches from New London Spicer High School, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City High School, and DREAM Technical Academy YES! teams came together to learn about what a prairie is, why they are beneficial to the environment, how prairies and climate change connect, and different […]

Will flooding become a weekly event on the coasts?

By Paul Huttner March 22, 2018 Grim new predictions suggest that flooding could become a weekly event in parts of the United States. “The problem is going to become chronic rather quickly. It’s not going to be a slow gradual change,” said NPR science reporter Christopher Joyce. “Even with what NOAA calls an intermediate forecast […]

Will Steger heads to Canadian Arctic for latest adventure

By Cathy Wurzer March 19, 2018 Explorer Will Steger has been pretty busy lately planning his next adventure, which starts later this week. Steger, from Ely, Minn., became famous leading dogsled expeditions to the North Pole and across Greenland and Antarctica. On those journeys he led a team of explorers, but on this one, Steger […]

‘This pushes all my skills’: Steger to make 1,000-mile solo trek in Canada’s barrenlands

By Sam Cook March 18, 2018 When Will Steger goes on spring break, he knows how to avoid crowds. He heads in a familiar direction — North. Ely’s Steger, who has led successful dogsled expeditions to the North Pole and across Antarctica, will leave northern Saskatchewan on Wednesday for a 1,000-mile solo trek across Canada’s […]

Seeking Diversity in Environmental Activism

By Siena Iwasaki Milbauer Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” book in 1962 ushered in wider discussion about pollutants, which turned into a focus on clean air and water. Since then, environmental rights activism has branched into multiple issues. How reflective are Minnesota’s environmental groups of the diversity of communities — their needs, their voices? This compilation offers […]

From extra socks to satellite phones, a look at Will Steger’s gear list

By Scott Stowell March 1, 2018 Will Steger’s strategy for success begins with organizing his Canadian Arctic expedition in meticulous detail, especially regarding equipment weight. His handwritten checklist (shown) is from two of his journal entries for his upcoming solo. The list offers a glimpse of just the gear he’ll take. Items range in size […]