Author: Kyle Hill, COP26 Delegate

Final Reflection

Preparing to make the 13-hour journey home to Minneapolis, I have several reflections on my COP26 experience in Glasgow, Scotland. While I am still unpacking much of this experience, I have come to understand the unfortunate and opportunistic agreement that is now known as the Glasgow Climate Pact. As a delegate we were not afforded […]

Self-care in the midst of chaos

In the past couple days our Indigenous delegation with Climate Generation has presented on two panels, one on climate justice on Turtle Island, and another on Indigenous resistance to the Line 3 pipeline. In both instances we advocated for Indigenous rights, sovereignty and self-determination in the wake of extractive projects that have only caused irreparable […]

Mni Wiconi (Water is life)

Boozhoo, I am here in Glasgow after a long trip across the pond – Minneapolis to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Edinburgh then trains to Glasgow. We pulled our luggage right up to a water ceremony, where we poured the remaining water from Minneapolis lakes into the River Clyde along with other Indigenous water protectors and land […]


This climate story starts before time was told by clocks or watches. This climate story started with the movement of stars through the sky, the sun and moon dancing around the horizon. In many ways, this story fell from the stars, delivered by grandfathers of an ancient past. This story is a love story, one […]