Author: Kristen Poppleton, Director of Programs

After the Celebration, What Does “Let’s Get to Work” Mean?

There are moments you remember from your school years. Moments when your teacher brought some topic or issue to life so well, that it still sticks with you today. It is my hope that this past week will be one of those moments for many of the students we connected with through our Window into […]

Ambassadors of Empathy

“If we are willing to open our hearts to the problems of others, then we just might start a real dialogue – and take the first steps toward a movement with the inclusiveness and solidarity necessary to tackle the enormous challenges we all face.” -M. Sanjayan, Executive Vice President and Senior Scientist, Conservation International There […]

Sustaining Hope Through Teachers

Today I want to talk about teachers. I want to talk about the tremendous service they provide to our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and neighbors – to the leaders of tomorrow. Teachers are creative, determined, optimistic and driven; the 10 Education Ambassadors that are here with me here in Paris are no exception. I have […]

An Ode to Ice

Tomorrow marks a week here in Paris, and the emotional impact of being witness, investing, and immersing ourselves in this conference as well as its outcome is starting to surface. Janet and I spent the day away from the conference zone today, visiting two sites that had been on our list. The first stop was […]

Actions at COP21

Actions are a part what makes the COP experience so unique. These actions are sanctioned opportunities for interest groups to express their stance and particular stake in the climate issue. Actions can be active, like singing or chanting, or passive, in the form of art or other installations. The following are actions we’ve witnessed during […]

Window into Paris Begins!

Our Window into Paris: COP21 program has begun! We truly kicked things off on a high note today: we spent the morning getting to know each other, practicing blogging and interview skills, and gaining some grounding in local, national and international policy from our special guests, former state senator Ellen Anderson and state representative Melissa […]

Education Day Reflections

Yesterday was the first education day held at a COP, highlighting that climate change education is beginning to be recognized as an important part of the climate change solution. Climate change education is part of the the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), found in Article 6, which stipulates the promotion of education, […]