Author: Kristen Poppleton, Sr. Director of Programs

“Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant,..”

…or so it is written in a resolution passed in the South Dakota legistlature this week.  (full text of resolution)  This is just one of the resolutions and bills discussed in a New York Times article this morning that asserts that “critics of the teaching of evolution in the nation’s classrooms are gaining ground in […]

New Yale Survey Results Questions

A report entitled The Climate Generation; Survey Analysis of the Perceptions and Beliefs of Young Americans, was released today from the Yale Project on Climate Change. The report puts into question “… conventional wisdom [that] holds that young Americans, growing up in a world of ever more certain scientific evidence, increasing news attention, alarming entertainment […]

Educator Blog Debut

Welcome to Will Steger Foundation’s first blog focused on tools for educators and communicators of climate change! I hope that this blog will be able to act as resource to those of you in the field educating youth and adults on climate change.  Comments, article and resource suggestions are always appreciated and please let us […]