Author: John Howard

COP: The Final Countdown

Friday, December 9th: COP Exhaustion The conference was supposed to end on Friday, theoretically with an evening plenary session that began at 8 pm. However, the meeting only ran an hour, with little to no concrete accomplishments or timeframe for wrapping up the COP. So the COP continues on Saturday, but with much less energy […]

The Americas

The title is an acknowledgement that more than just the US is playing a role here at COP17. Some of the most vocal and straightforward public statements have been made by South American and Caribbean nations, including Venezuela, Bolivia, Colombia, and Grenada. These nations are not often shined upon by American media, and partly because […]

Day 2: Rocket Scientists who can’t tie their shoes

Yet again, getting to the convention center for the conference proved to be an adventure. The official shuttle was somewhere (but not where we were), and it was getting close to 9 am, so in the interest of time we literally squeezed into the mini-bus. When we arrived, the conference area was much improved from […]

Day 1: Whirling Durban

Today was my second day in Durban and began with an adventure trying to reach the COP17 registration area. Theoretically, there are shuttles to the conference center and other buses, including the fascinating option Paul and I took: the mini-bus. Essentially if you crossed a taxi with a bus, you’d get the mini-bus in South […]