Author: Janet Brown, Associate Director

Corporate and Government Partnerships to Spur Climate Action

It’s been an amazing last couple days at the COP21 discussions. Friday saw a downturn in the general energy of the negotiations due to the possibility of removing language from article 2.2 that addresses gender, human rights, a just transition for workers and indigenous rights. Several countries were pushing to move this from the operative […]

Climate Change and Indigenous Rights

It’s been an incredibly long, but fulfilling first day in Paris for the COP21 UNFCCC climate negotiations, hitting the ground running straight from our international flight to the negotiations. The goal today was to find our way around on public transportation, pick up our credentials at the Blue Zone and get a feel for the […]

Welcoming Cordelia Pierson to Minnesota Environmental Fund!

I’m proud to announce Cordelia Pierson has recently been named Minnesota Environmental Fund’s new executive director. She succeeds Ed Marek who led the organization for more than a decade. The Will Steger Foundation has a strong commitment to the success of Minnesota Environmental Fund. Our executive director, Nicole Rom served on the search committee and will continue to […]

Winning the Climate Change Conversation

When I stepped onto the hotel shuttle in Chicago, the first question I was asked by an exuberant woman from Ohio was, “Are you going to the Climate Reality Training with Al Gore?” I responded that I was, but a hard-faced man in front of me answered for he and his wife, “NO! I don’t […]