Author: Jamie Racine - Expedition Copenhagen Delegate

Inspiration from Peers, Not Leaders

As Obama addressed the plenary hall inside the Bella Center, many watched from outside since NGO’s had limited to no access to the center today. His speech echoed through the concrete hall while all stared in silence. Furrowed brows headlined the uncertain glances around the hall at friends and strangers. Is this the same President […]

Walk-outs and sit-ins urge change.

Demonstrators walk out to join people’s forum outside the Bella Center. – (photo by Daygot Leeyos) As thousands marched towards the Bella Center this morning, hundreds inside marched out. These actions were sparked by a combination of two things: limited access to NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) 2. stagnant negotiations between Annex I (developed) countries and G77 […]

US Youth Crash Climate Denier Live Webcast in Copenhagen

Young Clean Energy Advocates called “Hitler Youth” by Climate Denier Lord Monckton COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Fifty young Americans took over a climate denier conference hosted by a prominent conservative organization this evening in Copenhagen, rushing the stage and telling the live TV audience that a clean energy future is the real road to prosperity in […]

From mountains to music to making change, Garett Brennan rocks it out

Today premiered my stint with Stonyfield Farm’s daily feature with Expedition Copenhagen delegates’ interviews with some of the top leaders of the grassroots climate change movement. Check out today’s interview with Garett Brennan, Executive Director of Focus the Nation.