Author: Isabel Watson, COP22 Delegate

Finding light in the midst of winter

In the midst of winter I always find myself looking for extra places and people full of light and positivity to help counteract the constant darkness. I love winter, but it can still be easy to get caught in all the darkness, especially when the school days are longer than the hours the sun is […]

YEA! MN Winter Mingler

YEA! MN’s Winter Mingler is fast approaching and my excitement to be in this space is growing. The Mingler will be on Thursday, January 5th, from 5:30-7:00 pm. The doors will open at 5:00 pm. It will be a chance to bring all the parts of the YEA! MN community together and create a space […]

Taking Things into Our Own Hands

What stood out to me most at COP22 was the concrete division between the urgency of the negotiations and negotiators compared to the urgency apparent among the people and organizations running the side events. During my experience in Marrakech, as someone not directly involved in the negotiations, I felt the urgency all around me. There […]

Addressing This Climate Chaos Together

Today was education day at COP22, and it ended up being nearly the opposite of what I expected. Taking a step back, I realize it was cultural ignorance that led to my surprise at how this day manifested itself at COP. This surprise stemmed from the focus of the education discussions, which was Indigenous, traditional […]

The Determination I Needed

Today was Young and Future Generations day, as well as my first day at COP22. I heard the election results in the middle of traveling for over 24 hours to get to Marrakech. I entered my first day at the negotiations tired and upset, with feelings of hopelessness, devastation, worries, and embarrassment. What was I […]

Youth Voices at COP22

While being a part of the environmental movement is very empowering for me, identifying and being perceived as a youth has always been a challenge when entering sophisticated environments facilitated and run by adults. It can often feel like a struggle to recognize that this space also belongs to me, and that I have a […]