Author: Ellen Anderson, Window Into COP23 Delegate

The Wrap: 100% Renewables & A Low Carbon Grid

As I write my final blog of the week, I’ll focus on two topics. 100% Renewable Energy First, to conclude the 100% renewable energy discussion, I highlight Vaxjo and Costa Rica, as well as an important research paper. Vaxjo is Duluth’s sister city in Sweden, and they share a similar population around 90,000 and an […]

100% Renewable Energy

Today I spent my day at a conference at the German Environment Ministry, just two train stops from the COP23 meeting. “The Local Dimension of the NDCs: 100% Renewable Energy” was co-sponsored by the Ministry and organizations committed to the 100% renewable energy target. One sponsor, ICLEI, is a global network of 1,500 sustainable cities […]

Drinking From the Firehose

There are so many different levels at which you can interact at COP23. My goals in attending were 1) to share the story of Minnesota’s clean energy leadership as a successful model, 2) to help explain to the rest of the world that thousands of Americans at the city, state, corporate, university, and individual level […]

Two Americas

Today we heard the views of a majority of Americans, compared to the position of our federal administration, on climate change and clean energy. We know that a majority of Americans think global warming is real, that government should take action on it, and that as a nation we should support development of clean renewable […]

The Road to Bonn & COP23

After leaving Minnesota on Friday night, I spent almost 24 hours traveling via an Amsterdam layover, Dusseldorf, and finally Bonn, Germany. It is so different to travel in Europe after living in the Midwest. I have clocked more miles on trains and on foot in the last 48 hours than in one month in Minnesota. […]

Preview of COP23 – UN Climate Change Conference 2017

It’s an honor to attend COP23 in Bonn, Germany as a member of the University of Minnesota’s official delegation and as a member of the multi-sector Climate Generation delegation. At the University, we have official “observer” status for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, or UNFCCC, as a research institution. This means we […]

Meet Our COP23 Delegation: Ellen Anderson

Ellen Anderson is a member of Climate Generation’s Window Into COP23 program, a multi-sector delegation attending the United Nation Framework on Climate Change Convention’s 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP) in Bonn, Germany. Our delegates will observe sessions and interact with climate change policy negotiations across international leaders and stakeholders. How does climate change affect […]

Impressions from Paris Climate Talks

The U.N. climate conference, or COP21, is the 21st such meeting since 1994, being held at a convention center in the Paris suburb of Le Bourget. It’s not a typical-looking convention, given the green walls, tent-like cover, and wind turbine trees, all protected by armed police. It’s an incredible experience to be in a place with […]