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Climate Lessons Update – May 2017

Letter to Climate Change Educators #teachclimate This was our mantra for the People’s Climate March in Washington D.C. last week. It will continue to be for months to come as we combat climate denial and an administration that willfully ignores the impacts related to climate change and undermines progress being made around the world in […]

Climate Lessons Update – April 2017

Letter to Climate Change Educators It’s Earth Month and the time for action is now! No matter where you are in the country or the world, there are sure to be events in your community for you and your students to take part in and if there aren’t- plan some! Some of our favorites this […]

Climate Lessons Update – March 2017

Letter to Climate Change Educators It’s hard to avoid the news of intentions to roll back much of the progress the United States has made on climate change. It is disheartening to say the least and presents a challenge to those of us trying to instill students with hope for a better future. One place […]

Climate Lessons Update – February 2017

Letter to Climate Change Educators In this month’s CLU we’re sharing the LOVE! Links to resources: This and every CLU features many links to resources that sparked our interest. Take a look and use them often. Don’t forget to let us know how you’re bringing them into your classroom. Facebook, Tweet, and Instagram your climate […]

Climate Lessons Update – January 2017

Letter to Climate Change Educators We hope you enjoy looking back at the top ten most popular stories we shared this past year. They definitely illustrate the complexity of climate change and the various sectors of our world that are being impacted already. Our resolution for 2017 includes more intention about keeping in contact with […]

Climate Lessons Update – December 2016

Letter to Climate Change Educators Lately, our education program staff have been thinking about how to nurture imagination, knowing that without it, action is not possible. Students need to imagine where our actions will take us, and reimagine our future. At a recent talk from the Aspen Ideas Festival, two scholars discussed the role of […]

Your Window Into Marrakech: We Will Move Ahead

The COP22 negotiations produced the Marrakech Action Proclamation, which touted “irreversible momentum on climate” while calling for much greater ambition. The commitment to implementing the Paris Agreement remains firm, despite new uncertainty as to the future actions of the U.S. For their part, U.S. representatives did all they could to show the world that sub-national […]

COP 22: Looking Back and Forging Ahead

This year’s round of UN climate negotiations have officially come to a close, as six hours of overtime negotiations ended around 2AM on Saturday morning. While progress was made in advancing the implementation of the Paris Agreement, this “COP of action” hardly lived up to it’s name. Parties agreed to be inclusive, transparent, and open […]

Your Window Into Marrakech: The Final Week of Negotiations

The UN COP22 Climate Change Conference is now in the final week of negotiations. As negotiators begin the work of turning the Paris Agreement into a pathway forward towards a zero-carbon economy, several high-level diplomats will be flying in for COP22’s final days. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is expected in Marrakech today and […]

Your Window Into Marrakech: Young and Future Generations Day

In the wake of Tuesday’s U.S. election results, the mood in Marrakech has shifted. Several news stories that have come out in the wake of the election speak to the doubt, concern, and anger that Trump’s impending presidency have created. The fears of what a Trump presidency could mean for the future of the Paris […]