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Climate Lessons Update – December 2018

Letter to Climate Change Educators The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24) starts today in Poland! About 200 countries from around the world will be attending to: adopt the guidelines for how the Paris Agreement will be implemented; signal that nations will strengthen their climate commitments by 2020, particularly given the IPCC’s assessment of 1.5°C; […]

Climate Lessons Update – November 2018

Letter to Climate Change Educators We’re excited to announce that our 14th annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education is open for registration! After 14 years of building a nationwide network of climate change educators, the time has come to take the Institute on the road. We couldn’t be more lucky to partner with Lowell […]

Climate Lessons Update – October 2018

Letter to Climate Change Educators Across the world we are seeing more and more extreme weather; from Hurricane Florence to Typhoons Trami and Mangkhut, to exceptional drought conditions across much of the southwestern U.S. These intense storms and prolonged weather events are taking a toll on people, animals, and the land and water around us. […]

Climate Lessons Update – September 2018

Letter to Climate Change Educators The school year is officially upon us, which means you’re planning lessons, learning names, and grading papers. And we’re here to help! We just launched our newest free resource, Green Careers for a Changing Climate, a short documentary and discussion guide to introduce your students to the importance of Green […]

Climate Lessons Update – August 2018

Letter to Climate Change Educators With the school year upon us, we are super excited to launch #TeachClimate365 — our challenge for all of you to bring climate change into your classroom all year, not just for a week-long unit or end of the year add-on! We all know climate change is the most pressing […]

Climate Lessons Update – June 2018

Letter to Climate Change Educators The lockers are cleaned out. The grades are in. The campus is quiet. It’s time to relax and reflect on what was hopefully a great year with your students. As summer kicks off, we’re here to remind you once more of our Summer Institute happening in late June! There’s still […]

Climate Lessons Update – May 2018

Letter to Climate Change Educators Youth are powerful, and youth are brave. As teachers, you see this everyday as students become problem solvers, catalysts, and leaders in their own right. But, have you decided how youth will be the answer to climate change? With training, mentorship, and confidence, students can lead their peers – and […]

Climate Lessons Update – April 2018

Letter to Climate Change Educators In an era when climate change is forcing us to redefine how we live on this planet, it’s time for educators to redefine what it means to educate students for a future with the effects of (human-induced) climate change. Not only does this mean teaching your students about the science […]

It’s bigger than green jobs; we’re teaching the future

Teachers involved: Debbie Nelson, Kimberlee Adams (Northeast Middle School) The Minneapolis Public Schools STEM & Career Exploration Expo just wrapped up, bringing over 2,000 8th graders to the Minneapolis Convention Center to discover and dive into the different career opportunities available to them. As a middle school teacher and 7th and 8th grade counselor at […]

Climate Lessons Update – February 2018

Letter to Climate Change Educators The XXIII Olympic Winter Games will take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea from February 9-25. In this edition of the Climate Lessons Update, we take a look at several Olympic-competing countries to see how climate change is impacting them and the work they are doing to find solutions. We hope […]