Author: Craig Johnson, COP22 Delegate

No One Mentioned Giving Up

Traveling home from COP22 and Marrakech, not even adrenalin-invoking near misses on flight legs with no back-up options or a night on the cold stone floor of Charles De Gaulle airport could dampen the spirits of the SES COP22 delegates as they began to reflect on and process their experiences in Morocco. Reading their COP22 […]

The Global Imperative of Climate Change Education

Bringing a delegation of students to a COP Conference is challenging and often unpredictable work. The logistics and the responsibilities that come with student travel are constantly at the forefront, and the tasks of clearing roadblocks and removing obstacles so that the students can experience and learn are front and center. But why? To what […]

COP22 As A Unique Educational Opportunity

Last week many Minnesotans took a somber moment to remember the anniversary of Senator Paul Wellstone’s death in a plane crash in northern Minnesota 14 years ago. A man of conviction and a principled representative, he was known for his oft-used adage, “ We all do better when we all do better.” This axiom has […]