Author: Climate Generation

Youth Demand Action on Climate Justice

By Sarah Goodspeed, Youth & Policy Manager and Shaza Hussein, Youth Environmental Activists of Minnesota (YEA! MN) Core leader The youth of this country know that our voices are powerful. Today we are banding together to change the status quo in areas that for decades have been immovable. We are leading on solutions and raising our […]

Scott’s Climate Story

As a youth I spent virtually all of my free time outdoors observing nature in the form of wandering the woodlands, fields, creeks, and ponds. I was fascinated with our natural world and constantly observed creatures such as frogs, turtles, snakes, salamanders, birds, and other wildlife. Often I would catch them and bring them home. […]

Josh’s Climate Story

SSQUAAAAAAK! (pterodactyl screech) That sound was the very first thing I was introduced to two years ago when I began staff training to be a camp counselor. I showed up halfway through training to this group of crazy college kids who had gotten to know each other, and there was an expectation for me to […]

Jim’s Climate Story

Several people have asked in the last week what changes I have seen in my course of the planet over the past century. I remark on this as I sit on the banks of the Red River in the waning April days of winter in an unusually prolonged cold season. They inform me that the […]

Fighting for solutions

Letter from the Executive Director The world recently passed another climate milestone. The Mauna Loa Observatory recorded its first-ever carbon dioxide reading in excess of 410 parts per million; Earth’s carbon dioxide hasn’t reached that level in millions of years. Carbon dioxide concentrations have skyrocketed over the past two years due in part to natural […]

Toward the betterment of tomorrow

Letter from the Executive Director “Let your vision be guided by hope, your path be adventurous, and the power of your thoughts be directed toward the betterment of tomorrow.” — Will Steger Our founder, Will Steger wrote these words in a letter to students from his International Trans-Antarctica expedition in 1990. Will’s words ring true […]

From one adventure to the next

Letter from the Executive Director The snow seems to have followed me from the mountain west, supporting my transition back to Minnesota and Climate Generation. My journey was not without reminders that climate change does indeed affect the people, places, and sports that I love, from an initial limited snowpack in Utah and Colorado to […]

The Clean Green Future

Letter from the Associate Director We know that to build a better future we must imagine ourselves there. We also know that despite current political challenges, there are many examples display how that exact future is already here. The clean energy revolution is marching on: 125 companies, including Walmart, IKEA, eBay, Johnson and Johnson, and […]

A Year of Possibility

Letter from the Executive Director As 2018 begins, we take stock of the challenges we face with renewed vigor and energy for the year ahead. While our political system continues to push an anti-science, pro-fossil fuel industry agenda, the spectacularly hopeful news is this: youth, communities, businesses, and energy markets are offering real, tangible solutions. […]

Jay’s Climate Story

Growing up in Minnesota, winter – for me – meant playing hockey. Walking to the local rink and skating with my friends on weeknights for maybe an hour or two. Saturdays and Sundays meant skating for four or five hours. All of this skating was done on outdoor ice in Cottage Grove. In 1972, we […]