Author: Climate Generation

A Vision for Our Future

Letter from the Executive Director 2017 has been an unusually bad year for extreme, climate-related weather events–from floods and hurricanes to raging forest fires that are currently burning across California. As we’ve followed the seemingly uncontrollable fires, it’s difficult to dismiss that seven of California’s ten largest modern wildfires have occurred in the last 14 […]

Your Window into COP23 Day 12: November 17

Our delegation was a part of the U.S. People’s Delegation at COP23. Watch how people from across the country represented U.S. leadership and highlighted the just and equitable solutions we need. The U.S. People's Delegation at COP23 Communities in the U.S. are standing up. Despite Trump’s disastrous climate decisions, at the UN Climate Talks, the […]

Your Window into COP23 Day 11: November 16

Watch Melissa Hortman’s webinar from yesterday on the power of Minnesotans at COP23 and the power to make a difference at home. Today is Education Day at COP23, and our delegates have the opportunity to participate in a number of sessions focused on education’s role in achieving climate action. Education is recognized by the United Nations […]

Your Window into COP23 Day 10: November 15

Watch our Education webcast in partnership with the Climate Literacy Network (CLEAN), featuring our delegates John Olson and Adri Arquin. When the U.S. announced that it would pull out of the Paris Agreement, it was quickly realized that others would need to step into the leadership vacuum. In addition to cities, states, colleges and universities, […]

We’re Moving Forward

Letter from the Executive Director This month kicked off with our growing community of supporters and delicious beer, thanks to partnerships with Rahr Corporation and Indeed Brewing who generously hosted fundraisers for us. Our multi-sector COP23 delegation had the opportunity to meet other local delegations and Minnesota’s Lt. Governor Tina Smith before they began their […]

Steve K.’s Climate Story

Some miles past Logan’s Pass in Glacier National Park, I saw the most beautiful place I’ve ever witnessed. It was enchanting. Razor sharp peaks carved by the ice swooped down into deep U-shaped valleys. The trees blanketed the mountains and fought their way up the slopes, as high as they could, until they gave way […]

Your Window into COP23 Day 9: November 14

The involvement of the U.S. government in the Bonn Climate Talks remains limited as the only scheduled event was held yesterday. Moderated by Francis Brooke, an aide to Vice President Mike Pence, the panel promoted the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy and featured executives from the natural gas company Tellurian, coal mining company […]

Your Window into COP23 Day 8: November 13

Things are usually a bit more quiet on the weekend at the COP, and other events often are hosted. This Sunday there was a Climate Summit of Local and Regional Leaders; a premier gathering of governments to talk next steps in climate action and facilitate partnership for implementation of the Paris Agreement. Subnational climate speakers from […]

Your Window into COP23 Day 7: November 12

As we’ve witnessed by the international presence at COP23, climate change touches everyone. Through our multi-sector delegation, we have the opportunity to amplify how the U.S. can address the leadership gap that has been created by the Trump administration’s fossil fuel agenda. In addition to cities, states, and businesses stepping in to uphold the Paris […]

Your Window into COP23 Day 6: November 11

At COP negotiations each year, Loss and Damage is an important dialogue that involves developed and developing countries collaborating on the urgency of climate change impacts, mitigation, and adaptation. The name is as clear as it sounds: Loss and Damage refers to when climate change results in extreme loss and damage beyond the impacted country’s […]