Author: Sam Branson

Dry rivers to the Thule Inuit

Expedition day: 56Position: N 80° 02′ W 086° 40′Distance: 30.5 km / 19 mi It has been another incredible day. We spent the day travelling down the river to make it out onto Eureka sound. It was a pretty interesting morning trying to get the sleds across the thawing river bed. Before we left we […]

The racoon looking thing named Ichebaun

N 80° 21′ W 088° 41′ I can’t believe we have only ten days left until we head back to the real world. We have all been trying to mentally prepare ourselves for the circus that awaits us when we leave the ice but are also trying not to think about the end too much […]

Our Own Cairn

Day 43Distance Traveled: 0 km (rest day)Position: N 81° 01′ W 095° 03′ We spent the morning resting and doing all of our personal things. Writing in diaries, reading, bathing and sleeping. In the afternoon we had a team meeting where we discussed our route for the last leg of the expedition. It’s been nice […]

Make a difference…

Day 39 Distance traveled: 40 km / 25 mi Position: N 80° 42′ W 096° 01′ What an absolutely incredible day. Waking up this morning, the sun was shining bright with not a breath of wind in the air. The huge mountains beside us stood in full glory as they basked in the suns heat. […]

Heavy Snow and Little Clothes

Day 34Position: N 79° 35′ W 096° 32′Distance Traveled: 20.6 km So, the days are flying by since we hit the halfway mark. It’s strange to know that in a month’s time we’ll all be back in the real world. I have to say that even though this is extremely exhausting and tough, we are […]

Amazing Creatures…

Day 29Position: N 78° 50′ W 096° 03′Distance Traveled: 15.4 km / 9.5 mi Hey all. Sitting here in my tent at the end of yet another tough but enjoyable day. We are nearing the halfway point and I can’t believe it is going so quickly. We’ve all been working overtime to get these sleds […]

Tough, Enjoyable Times…

Day 23Distance: 12.9 km / 10 miPosition: N 78° 26′, W094° 51′ What a day! It was nice to get into camp tonight. We are all exhausted. We spent the day traveling along the east coast of Amund Ringnes Island, making our way to the Ayles Ice Shelf. After a smooth morning on relatively flat […]

From Rough to Smooth

It’s been a long day. Getting into my tent tonight was so nice. It’s amazing. In regular circumstances, the tents we call our homes, would not be percieved as something to look forward too. They are not much longer than 7 feet and about 4 feet across. With our bivy sacs in the tent there […]

Tired Dogs…

Position: N 77° 01′, W 93° 01′Distance Traveled: 13 mi/ 20.6 km So we just hit the two week mark. All is going good so far. There is a slight concern that, with the rough sea ice slowing us up, we might not be able to make the northwest coast of Ellesmere. We’ve been discussing […]

Finally Making Some Ground…

So we’re here at the end of day nine. We’ve got a long way to go but so far it’s moving fast. I’m sure the others have told you all the things that have happened in the last week. Traveling through a labyrinth of ice, bears coming into camp and even being stalked by one. […]