Author: Alissa Matthies Tamasi, Window into COP24 Delegate

The future is today!

“The future is today!” was the refrain shared so many times during the COP24 conference these past couple days. As the global community works toward further reducing carbon emissions across all sectors, that was the key theme reiterated throughout many sessions. Each sector is called upon to do their part, from government to businesses, investors, […]

We Are Still In

Recent reports such as the IPCC Climate Change Report and the 4th National Climate Assessment, say fewer than 12 years remain to make changes to see results that align with keeping the climate from no more than 1.5 degrees of warming. As a result, many U.S. businesses attended the engaging events at the We Are […]

Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action Announcement

It has been a rainy day in Katowice. Despite the cool weather, both the Sustainable Innovation Forum and COP24 are buzzing with energy, inspiring conversations, and ambitious announcements. Target is proud to join dozens of leading fashion brands and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in signing onto the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, with the aim […]

Sustainable Innovation Forum

This year marks the 9th Annual Sustainable Innovation Forum. With COP24 being hailed by the UNFCCC as ‘Paris 2.0’, the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF) presents a crucial opportunity to drive forward the Paris Agreement framework as it brings together 600+ delegates engaged with efforts to fast track the global green economy. There was a great […]

First Impressions of COP24

I am staying in the historic town of Cracow, which is about an hour and a half train or bus ride from Katowice. The city of Cracow is rich with stories of resilience through changes in government, faith, and culture. I had the opportunity to ride to Katowice on a shuttle with energy professionals from […]

Preparing for COP24

Preparing for COP24 has been a fantastic experience, as I look forward to joining others at the conference as we work toward a low-carbon economy. I’m proud to be part of a company like Target that believes the climate is changing, that our business is contributing to that change, and that our supply chain, operations, […]