Arrived in Paris

We have a lot of work to do!

2015-12-05-13-38-52-archI made it to Paris, via an 8 hour flight. I had lots of time to read, so I read an article from the New York Times that outlined past UN climate meetings and the mistakes that were made. It stressed the importance and urgency of this climate conference’s success at finally negotiating a strong global commitment.

I then read a special report in the Economist that explained the complexity of making accurate climate models to predict what will happen on the planet. It discussed the challenges the world will face in freeing itself of carbon. There will be economic difficulties in converting to renewable energy rather than using coal. The article continued on about how humans are adapting to regional climate changes by growing different crops and building different homes that can withstand flooding.

2015-12-05-13-41-08-Eiffel TowerWhat a complex issue we are all dealing with!

On another note, it is so wonderful but challenging to be in such a beautiful city with so many sites to see. Paris is an amazing city, with history spilling out around every street. It is fitting that this monumental climate meeting is happening here. I hope to soak it all in as much as possible!

I will keep you all posted on what happens in the negotiations.

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