Anchorage Awaits

Tuesday April 13

We had a successful day in Juneau with a presentation at Centennial Hall in the afternoon and a long meeting with the editorial board at the Juneau Empire. The editors were interested in discussing how much climate change is in motion that we cannot slow, and how we will make the transition to a clean energy economy, especially in a state where AK is dependent on oil, coal and natural gas.  Will continued to emphasize that the solutions are all economic and that America needs to harness the can-do entrepreneurial spirit to ensure our national security, a stable environment and thriving economy.

We stayed with renowned filmaker, Joel Bennett, an accomplished arctic and wildlife photographer who shared stories and films from his arctic travels. We toured the old city and even caught a glimpse of the famous Mendenhall Glacier before heading to Anchorage.

Check out the coverage from the Juneau Empire


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