Alaska Eyewitness to Climate Change Tour

Will in AlaskaWill’s Eyewitness presentation is an effective tool for motivating the general public and policymakers towards climate action. With support from Clean Energy Works and several Alaska-based organizations, Will’s Eyewitness message hit the road with a tour of Alaska’s major metropolitan centers, Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks. Will sat down with media in all three cities to share his story and the role Alaska can play in shaping its clean energy future. In Fairbanks alone, Will met with faith-based leaders and arctic scientists at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. He also mobilized the dog mushing community and spoke with student groups. Over 500 Alaskans signed postcards for their two Senators urging them to create more clean energy jobs and protect our national security.

Check out the Will Steger Foundation blog – On the Road with Will Steger for details on the tour.

Media links:


Will Steger Speaks to Alaska Public radio

by Lori Townsend

Renowned polar explorer Will Steger made the first documented un-supported sled dog trip to the North Pole in 1986. He is the author of “Over the Top of the World,” and other books, and has become a passionate advocate for taking measures to deal with the warming climate. APRN – Anchorage. Read More


Polar explorer and musher Will Steger to visit Fairbanks

by Tim Mowry

FAIRBANKS — Famed polar explorer Will Steger is interested in hearing what Alaskans have to say about climate change when he visits the state’s three biggest cities this week to speak on the topic. Read More

Juneau Empire

Polar explorer returns with climate change message

By Kim Marquis

Polar explorer Will Steger began his career in Juneau with a double Klepper kayak he paddled to Skagway with a friend in 1963. Read More



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