A Different Election Day

This Election Day, we acknowledge and recognize that things feel different – on par with how the rest of 2020 has felt. Whether you have already cast your vote, or plan to head to the polls today, we encourage everyone to stay safe and participate in our democracy.

Climate Generation honors the right for every American to vote and sanctifies the duty election officials have to ensure that every vote is counted. We acknowledge the tension and anxiety that many of us feel, and have felt, from the beginning of this Election season to today.

It’s important to acknowledge that it may take longer to count the votes and verify a winner in this election — and that’s okay. With the COVID-19 pandemic in our communities causing increased absentee voting and reduced election staff, as well as the differing rules on when ballots can be counted by state, we can expect that the counting of every vote will continue after Election Day.

We’re all better off when all eligible voters — Black, white, rural, urban, Indigenous, immigrant — are able to cast their votes and have their votes counted. In order for democracy to work, it must include all of us.

Today, you’re voting beyond the presidential candidate; at all levels of government, from school board to judges to city council, climate change solutions can and will be realized. If there’s anything we’ve learned over the last four years, solutions come from communities, cities, states, and the private sector. Our elected officials have the power to drive climate change solutions at the scale the science requires.

No matter the results of the election, we are here for you. We will continue our work empowering you to lead on equitable climate change solutions in your communities and beyond.


Nicole Rom,
Executive Director

Cathy Kennedy,
Chair, Board of Directors


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