A Big Day for Clean Air: New Carbon Rule Announced!

Image via: Washington Post

Earlier this week, the Obama Administration issued draft language to establish the first-ever carbon pollution protections for new power plants. Carbon pollution is the main contributor to climate disruption and is linked to life-threatening air pollution like smog – which triggers asthma attacks – making it a serious hazard to Americans’ health and future. Once finalized, these protections will ensure that new power plants will meet public health standards and protect Americans from dangerous pollution.

Cleaning up dangerous carbon pollution from new power plants and modernizing the way we power our nation will help secure Americans’ health and future, and prevent against life-threatening air pollutants like dirty soot, toxic mercury and smog. Most of all, these carbon pollution protections mark the end of an era for antiquated, dirty coal plants. These new standards will also spark innovation in clean technologies and create green jobs here in America.

While the standards announced this week will limit carbon pollution from new power plants, the EPA is also working to develop standards to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants, and is expected to issue a draft proposal later this year or early next year.

For more information visit the EPA website.

For further reading, check out the Washington Post article “EPA to impose first greenhouse gas limits on power plants.”

For organization statements and to take action/show your support of this rule check out USCAN (US Climate Action Network.


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