5,000 miles

I made it!!! It is beautiful! Rainy and cold, but the buildings are awesome!! It took 24 hours, two planes, some trains, and a taxi!! I did fall asleep on the last train and missed my stop…just by a couple hundred miles!! I am sooo excited to hit the ground running, but getting rested today.

Monday is the “Big White House Action” and we’re gearing up for what that will look like. It makes me nervous! Feels like it’s a reflection on the “U.S.”, but that’s why we’re here! To take a stand and show our solidarity and commitment, whether it’s a small community or state – as people WE ARE HERE!!

Speaking of community…mine is suffering a huge loss this week. We buried a young 14-year-old who was shot by a police officer last week. There’s all kinds of emotions, ideas, stories, and pain. That was my focus last week: helping my community stay strong and together. His name was Jason Pero, and he was in 8th grade. On Friday, I went to the middle school and helped the grandmothers help our youth. We smudged, we prayed, we talked, hugged, and sang songs. I was truly honored to be there. I ask that you pray for Bad River Band, the family, and even me as I try to keep them in mind and focus here too! I am honored to be here too!

Looking forward to getting into the plenary and getting to work with the Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus at 9 a.m.!

I’m tired, but ready.

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