350 @ Riverwest!

This past Saturday was 350 day of Action and I spent an amazing day in Riverwest with different organizations participating and pitching in to make a great carnival full of games and educational tables for the entire community to attend and enjoy. So I got there pretty early to help set up for the carnival which was just a great experience. There was a group of people whom some hadn’t even met each other before and we were all working together to make this event possible, setting up and just getting things ready.

So, as the day progressed just dozens of people started showing up and there were tables and games set around the 350 number and of ways to accomplish 350 ppm in the atmosphere. There was a clothing exchange set up for people to bring in clothes they didn’t want anymore and for others to take what they like… Games were set up around it, which were extremely entertaining. And other display tables were set up in order to encourage and give ideas of how to reduce our emissions. There was also an incredible compost demonstration where a composting poem was read. It was a day in which the community got together and enjoyed a beautiful day as a community in Milwaukee while being connected to the rest of the world throughout an action.

As I left the action which was over at 3:5opm I decided to catch up with twitter and found out that 35o had made it to the New York Times, Washington Post and was the number 1 news on google. It was just an amazing end to a perfect day when people got together throughout the world and were able to bring a message. It was just incredible to be part of this event and I hope that this day of action influences the decisions that will be made in Copenhagen and drive strong policy. This effect should not only be on a global policy base but also drive some consiousness on the individual level on how can we reduce our own emissions.


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