2018 STEM Expo Recap

Climate Generation partnered with Minneapolis Public Schools to bring Green STEM Careers to their annual STEM & Career Exploration Expo on February 21st. In the Green Alley, over 2,000 eighth grade students learned about the exciting opportunities in Green STEM Careers from Climate Generation and twelve other organizations and companies from around the state.

We specifically identified companies and organizations that not only focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), but also had opportunities for Green STEM careers. We define Green STEM careers as:

  • Careers in businesses that produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources,
  • Careers in which workers’ duties involve making their establishment’s production processes more environmentally friendly or use fewer natural resources.

Green STEM careers can include solar and wind installers, climate scientists, environmental lawyers, and green design and construction professionals. Green STEM career opportunities are rapidly increasing, and our students need tangible opportunities that will prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow.

Green Alley Exhibitors

  • Climate Generation: Green STEM Careers and their connection to climate change
  • Apex Efficiency Solutions: solar
  • Conservation Corps – AmeriCorps Field Crews: environmental stewardship projects
  • ESG Architects: green architecture
  • Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO): water management
  • National Park Service: stewardship, parks
  • Xcel Energy: renewable energy
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA): water testing
  • Fresh Energy: electric vehicles
  • Energy Insight: energy conservation
  • Wolf Ridge: physics of weather
  • ReCharge Labs: electric grid

“[I really enjoyed talking with] kids who didn’t think they liked science, suddenly thinking it was cool.” – 2018 Exhibitor

“It was exciting to see students who didn’t know much about [green STEM careers] start to understand and think about what job they could have.” – Student volunteer from the School of Environmental Studies

“I think this is an amazing opportunity for these kids to learn they can do more than they may have thought with their future.” – 2018 Exhibitor

Students and STEM Careers

At the Climate Generation booth, students wrote down what Green STEM Career interested them most. We compiled their answers in the word art below:

Another activity had students answer four questions about STEM classes and opportunities, creating a live art build with their answers. The results showed a diversity of career aspirations! By the end of the day, we had a beautiful art piece that showcased student’s desires to be in careers that were outside, creative, and allowed them to travel. The official tallies for each question are below.

Which of these activities is the most fun to you?

  1. being outside: 63
  2. using computers: 30
  3. being creative: 63
  4. working with my hands: 32

My favorite class is…

  1. Math: 49
  2. English: 49
  3. Science: 48
  4. Gym: 41

I would like my job to…

  1. pay a lot of money: 56
  2. allow me to travel: 81
  3. have flexible hours: 46
  4. challenge me: 23

Which Green STEM career area interests you the most?

  1. Energy: 22
  2. Nature: 47
  3. Creative: 82
  4. Technology: 45

Through generous support from our sponsors, we were able to show students current and future jobs in Green STEM. We recognize the growing need to prepare students for the clean energy revolution that is already happening and the opportunities that STEM careers can offer. Two teachers from Northeast Middle School wrote a blog about teaching green STEM and preparing today’s youth for these new careers. As technology and innovation move our economy forward, we must provide students with the practical knowledge necessary to thrive in the new economy.

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

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